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▶️ 1. WE GUARANTEE TO RETURN YOUR CALLS PROMPTLY. We promise to return your phone call within 24 hours. If the lawyer you want to reach is in trial or otherwise detained, his secretary will call you and schedule a time when you can speak with him.

▶️ 2. WE GUARANTEE TO ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYER AVAILABLE TO SERVE YOU. If you have an urgent question or problem, please don't hesitate to call. We guarantee you the best possible service and well be glad to hear from you.

▶️ 3. WE GUARANTEE TO MEET ALL DEADLINES. We want you to know that you can trust what we tell you, and meeting a deadline is important. So we guarantee to complete all promised work on time.

▶️ 4. WE GUARANTEE THE FEE WE QUOTED YOU. No one likes financial surprises. That's why on every project we will provide you with a written fee quote. No matter how long it takes us, it will never cost you one euro more. Once we quote a fee, we stick to it, no matter what. You can depend on it.

▶️ 5. WE GUARANTEE YOU' LL ALWAYS RECEIVE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PERSONAL CARE AND ATTENTION. Our office is here for one purpose: To serve you. If you don't receive the close personal care attention you want, nothing else matters. When you're our client, you become part of our family. And we guarantee you'll receive the best we offer.

▶️ 6. WE GUARANTEE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU BY EMAIL OR FAX EVERY TWO WEEKS. You deserve to be kept current on the progress of your case. So every two weeks, without fail, we will mail you a summary of what has happened regarding your case since the previous letter. And if nothing has happened, we tell you that, too. And we intend to make sure that your relationship with our law Office is the best you have ever had...or ever will have.

IF you ever find anything that does not meet your needs or expectations, please bring it to our attention. We will correct the situation immediately . There cannot be ANY GUARANTEES that clients will accomplish their goals when other parties and litigation is involved!!. Even if a case appears to be "a very good one"!! Don't misinterpret words of encouragement for a "guaranty".