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Our Fees

Our rates vary according to the case.We base our fees on a variety of factors, including, primarily, the time spent. Other factors can include the difficulty of the matter involved. We normally charge by the hour for research or legal advice. We can also give you an estimate for a per case fee. We may modify our rates from time to time without notice. A statement of rates is available at any time upon request. Please contact us for more details.

G.Giagkoudakis Law Office may incur costs and expenses on your behalf that we will charge to you. Examples of such expenses may include court filing fees, translator fees, foreign attorney fees, long distance telephone charges, photocopying, computerized legal research, travel expenses, messenger services, and other similar costs. We will consult with you before making any commitments for substantial expenses.

Online payments may be made safely and securely using the online PayPal system.

You can use a Paypal account (if you already have one) or your credit / debit card. For your convenience, we accept credit cards or debit cards through PayPal. You are not required to have an existing PayPal Account to pay through PayPal. We are not related in anyway to PayPal.com. You should read the policy with regard to that service before you decide to use PayPal.com. I hope you find this online payment method easy and convenient to use. PayPal is fast, secure and free.
You should only make payment through PayPal only if you have received a communication and have agreed with G.Giagkoudakis Law Office about the amount to be paid in accordance with an invoice or statement from our office for services to be rendered on your behalf. Making a payment without a fee agreement does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Also online payments will not be accepted unless the G.Giagkoudakis Law Office is notified of the payment beforehand. When depositing a retainer or making a payment on your balance with PayPal, please follow up via e-mail with a transaction number to let us know a payment has been made. We will provide email confirming receipt of payment, and will credit your account. If you have any questions about payment, feel free to contact us via email giagkoud-(at)-gmail.com
We can send you a Paypal Invoice to make an Online payment for your case after an agreement between you and us.